Concierge Medical Service

An at-home doctor service entails a breadth of information and services delivered to you right at your doorstep. Dr.Golberg is bringing to you his 22 years and 2 medical degrees worth of knowledge, dedication, and desire to spread health and overall wellness.

​Your health is our priority, which is seen with our immediate responses and 100% devotion to your cause. Dr.Golberg is available for in-home services providing anything from lip enhancement to PRP/PRF pain management, or even off call where you can contact him to make an over the phone examination and write you a prescription. Overall our focus is to spread wellness and healthcare and make it as convenient for the patient as possible.

At Home Doctor Service

Services Include:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Anti-Aging
  • Health & Wellness
  • IV and Wellness
  • Pain Management
  • Beauty and Rejuvenation
  • Hair Growth

Concierge Medical Service FAQs

The medical concierge service is your assistant in the world of medicine; using the services, you will get access to the highest level of medical services at affordable prices.

Do you have a medical emergency, such as a specific diagnostic procedure? Or urgently to do a complex operation? How to find the right clinic and the right specialist? There are several search options.

You can start your search on your own using the Internet. But, most likely, you will “drown” in the ocean of information; you will not be able to figure it out and determine which doctor is the most competent in your matter and which clinic is most suitable for your needs. If you need to find a clinic or a doctor in another country, then the complexity of the task set before you by the circumstances increases several times. And your chances to independently find the best option for medical services for your needs and possibilities becomes even less.

But there is another possibility – you can seek help at home doctor services.

Your health is our priority as evidenced by our immediate responses and 100% dedication to your cause. Medical concierge NYC is available for in-home services, providing anything from lip augmentation to PRP/PRF pain relief, or even no call where you can reach them for a phone exam and write you a prescription. In general, our goal is to spread wellness and healthcare and make it as convenient as possible for the patient. Calling a doctor at home is very convenient, fast and high quality. This service is very developed and we advise you not to waste time at the hospital but to call a doctor at home.

Doctor visits at home services entail a wide range of information and services delivered right to your doorstep. The division of cosmetology services into those that serve to eliminate defects – and those that ensure the maintenance of natural beauty, was made by a doctor from the Roman Empire – Galen. And already in our time, the population has the opportunity to use such types of cosmetology as:

  • Therapeutic cosmetology allows for a slowdown in the aging process and a rejuvenating effect through an extraordinary impact on the skin. For example, the following methods will help to achieve the desired results in the fight against defects: hardware cosmetology, ultrasound, laser techniques, various cleaning methods, and injections. With the use of different types of peeling, masks, mesotherapy, photorejuvenation, PDO threads face lif, neck lift, butt lift , skin tightening, etc., it is possible to cope with wrinkles, skin formations, age spots, dilated vessels, stretch marks, cellulite, excessive fat deposits, etc.
  • Non Surgical cosmetology involves surgery to improve appearance. In this regard, the correction of the nose and ears, changing the size and shape of the breast, liposuction, and facelift are worth mentioning. Moreover, with an emphasis on new technologies (laser, optical endoscope, etc.), the traumatism of operations is minimized.
  • Aesthetic cosmetology is built on foundations such as massage and body cleansing; moisturizing and nourishing the skin; eyelash and nail extensions; Permanent makeup; baths with healing and regenerating effects; epilation; wrapping; hair care.
  • Chelation therapy, heavy metals removal.

Regardless of the nature of cosmetic procedures, the main requirements are sterility, non-invasiveness, hypoallergenicity, and attention to age restrictions.

The positive side of the spread of professional medical concierge services is the deliverance of a person from the complexes formed due to awareness of the defects in his appearance. It is understandable because the desire to look good is characteristic of people of any age, social status, and gender. Confidence in one’s attractiveness improves the mood of the individual, the microclimate in the team, and the return on the labor field. But to perform such a task, you will need an experienced, professionally trained concierge doctor NYC. The key to success is a series of actions of a specialist:

  • determination of skin type and attention to the results of the examination of the patient;
  • the appointment of medical procedures and drugs with a guarantee of individual effectiveness and the absence of adverse effects on the body;
  • Masterly performance of a session of hardware cosmetology and other tasks.