Jawline augmentation - Aesthetics Park Avenue

The idea of Jawline augmentation has become very popular in recent years with many people believing that it can give them the face they have always dreamed of. But the risks associated with this type of cosmetic procedure should not be taken lightly.

At Aesthetics Park Avenue, a premier medical Spa, we offer a non-surgical option with Injectable fillers to create the perfect jawline in New York City.

New York City - Aesthetics Park Avenue

Jawline augmentation is a surgical or non-surgical procedure designed to enhance the shape of your jawline by making it more defined. It can be done either surgically or non-surgically, depending on the desired results. It can also be done together with other procedures like lip flip. If you choose to go the surgical route, implants are used to reshape the bones in your jawline. Non-surgical options include dermal fillers, which are injected into the area to add volume and definition.

Note: Both surgical and non-surgical options come with their own risks and should not be taken lightly. Make sure to speak with a qualified professional before making any decisions.


There are several benefits that come with jawline augmentation. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • More defined and sculpted jawline
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Improves symmetry of the face
  • Gives an overall younger-looking appearance